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2020 BMW X2 20d Review: Compact Urban Premium SUV

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 - BMW
2020 BMW X2 20d Fuel Economy

2020 BMW X2 20d Review: Compact Urban Premium SUV | Before her, she had never seen the X associated with the number 2. In an ever-expanding family, the new BMW X2, presented last spring and anticipated by the concept of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, immediately...

  • 2020 BMW X2 20d Fuel Economy
  • 2020 BMW X2 20d Dimensions
  • 2020 BMW X2 20d Diesel Engine Review
  • 2020 BMW X2 20d XDrive Performance

Maserati Levante Vulcano: Premium SUV To Challenge Lambo Urus

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 - Maserati
Maserati Levante Vulcano Release Date

A name that leaves little room for imagination. It’s called Maserati Levante Vulcano, the new limited edition of its SUV that will be destined to only 150 lucky owners on the Asian and European market. The trend of premium SUVs is likely to continue, this is...

  • Maserati Levante Vulcano Price in Australia
  • Maserati Levante Vulcano Interior
  • Maserati Levante Vulcano Horsepower
  • Maserati Levante Vulcano Wheel Size

2020 BMW 7 Series: Redesign, Interior, Specs & Pricing

Saturday, January 19th, 2019 - BMW
2020 BMW 7-Series Redesign & Changes

A new flagship concept. BMW is redefining the top of the range and, in general, the concept of a super-luxury sedan. The presentation of the 2020 BMW 7 Series is a clear declaration of intent with its decisive presence, sophisticated elegance and great technological content that marks...

  • 2020 BMW 7-Series 750Li Price
  • 2020 BMW 7-Series Release Date & Price
  • 2020 BMW 7-Series Redesign & Changes
  • 2020 BMW 7-Series Interior

2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk Off-Road Review – Made For it

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 - Jeep
2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk Specs and Fuel Economy

The 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk has just made its debut on the market and we have had the opportunity to test it in an off-road test area. This is the version with the most developed off-road qualities of the whole, as tradition, highlighted by the name...

  • 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk Elite Review
  • 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk Release Date and Prices
  • 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk Redesign and Changes
  • 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk Price

New Volkswagen T-Roc Diesel 1.6 TDi Review | Diesel For 2020

Saturday, January 12th, 2019 - Volkswagen
2020 Volkswagen T-Roc Diesel Fuel Economy

2019 promises to be a very important year for the Volkswagen brand. If 2020 is the frontier to start talking, seriously, about electricity, next year will see the arrival, in the last quarter or so, of the new Golf, now in its eighth generation. On the other...

  • 2020 Volkswagen T-Roc Diesel Fuel Economy
  • 2020 Volkswagen T-Roc Diesel Automatic TDi R-Line 5dr
  • 2020 Volkswagen T-Roc Diesel 1.6 TDi Review
  • 2020 Volkswagen T-Roc Diesel Release Date

DS Pilot Explanations: Advanced technology on New DS3 Crossback

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 - Tech
DS Pilot Automatic

After the debut on DS 7 Crossback, the DS Pilot also arrives on DS 3 Crossback, the slightly higher compact from the ground (compared to the progenitor) presented at the Paris Motor Show 2018, which goes to collect the heavy legacy of the model that marked the carried...

  • DS Pilot Skis Review
  • DS Pilot Review
  • DS Pilot Automatic

2019 Dacia Duster 4×4 Review: Performance, MPG, Price

Sunday, January 6th, 2019 - Dacia
2019 Dacia Duster 4×4 Tyres

2019 Dacia Duster 4×4 Review: Performance, MPG, Price: Dacia Duster, the SUV par excellence in the Dacia range, has impressed its brand in this segment, winning over 7 years a clientele looking for a reliable, and above all economic, practical vehicle. In the nascent segment of...

  • 2019 Dacia Duster 4×4 Diesel Engine
  • 2019 Dacia Duster 4×4 Tyres
  • 2019 Dacia Duster 4×4 Towing Capacity
  • 2019 Dacia Duster 4×4 Price

2020 Ford Fiesta ST: Specs, Performance, Size & Price

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 - Ford
2020 Ford Fiesta ST Dimensions Exterior & Interior

When Ford announced that the 2020 Fiesta ST, the most performance version of the variegated and rich new generation, would receive under the bonnet the appreciated Ecoboost, with its three cylinders, we passionate, let’s face it, came a heart attack. A child’s choice of downsizing fashion...

  • 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign and Changes
  • 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior Feature Update
  • 2020 Ford Fiesta ST Front Angle Fresh Design

2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Review: Always Fun to Drive

Saturday, December 29th, 2018 - Mini
2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door New features

2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Review – You say Mini Cooper and you immediately think of that Mini able to give smiles on the face without, for this, to make the wall cry. You say Mini Cooper SD and you think: how much the efficiency...

  • 2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door JCW Price
  • 2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Interior
  • 2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Fuel Economy
  • 2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Dimensions


Tuesday, December 25th, 2018 - Volkswagen
2020 VW ID Neo Prijs

Although the 2020 VW ID Neo is not until the beginning of 2020 with the dealer, we have already driven him. The developers already reveal a few details in prototype tests – and we, how the 8-second sprint to 100 actually feels with the technology...

  • 2020 VW ID Neo Price
  • 2020 VW ID Neo Interior
  • 2020 VW ID Neo Electric Range
  • 2020 VW ID Neo Release Date