2020 Hyundai i30 N Line Review, Specs, Features & Price

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the 2020 Hyundai i30 N, the first Hyundai of high-performance series, developed starting from the  i5 5-door, the N is inspired by the many years of Hyundai experience in motorsport, also through the championship WRC rally. It is also the first born under the brand “N” and therefore it is up to her the bold task of creating a wide range of high-performance models.

2020 Hyundai i30 N Line VS Ford Focus

2020 Hyundai i30 N Design – Sporty Feeling

The lines do not differ much from that of the normal Hyundai i30, offering space on board and the boot capacity typical of the Korean C-segment. But you can look better to see sports 18-inch or 19-inch wheels, lowered trim, dual sports exhaust on the B-side with generous spoiler, revised aerodynamics and, under the dress, electronically controlled suspension and enhanced engine.

Scenographic optical groups, both aesthetically and functionally: thanks to the three LED headlamps and LED daytime lights the look acquires character and at the same time the lighting is really very good. Beautiful and sought after the air intakes on the sides of the fog lights. Behind the grid, additional bulkheads improve airflow by reducing turbulence in the wheels and cooling the engine and brakes effectively. Finally, the two spoilers (front and rear) generate downforce ensuring an excellent aerodynamic balance.

The sportiness is accentuated by the imprint on the road, with enlarged wheel arches and 18 “or 19” wheels. The measures, however, remain compact: 4.34 in length for 1.80 meters in width, and, thanks to the lowered structure (- 4mm with 18 “tires and – 8mm with the 19”).

The N logo is also visible on the bright red brake calipers and on the front Cascading Grille – a detail that highlights the model’s origin and emphasizes its sporting nature. In the rear, the triangular stop light inside the new shiny black spoiler highlights its athletic lines.

The interiors are mainly aimed at making the driver feel at one with the car: starting from the racing-looking seats (well-profiled, but rather high-seated, despite the adjustments), from the revised instrument panel to the sports steering wheel with seams blue, with a thick crown and the controls dedicated to sports.

Very much, in the driving engaged, the gear change indicator that warns the pilot of the limit of the overspend, moreover the yellow LEDs on the rev counter disappear as the engine oil temperature is at full speed.

The top-of-the-line 8-inch touch screen, which features  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, comes as standard on our top-of-the-range version. Lower down, a generously sized compartment offers plenty of room but above all the wireless charging platform for the smartphone, with the USB socket.


Under the hood, we find the heart of the 2020 Hyundai i30 N, with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with two power levels. The “base” has 250 hp that allow a 0-100 km / h in 6.4 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h. With the  Performance package, available on request, the horses become 275 and the 0-100 acceleration gains 0.3 seconds, ie 6.1 s. Not only that but also the Pirelli P-Zero 235/35 R19 tires, well supported by larger brake discs and red painted brake calipers, are added to the kit, as well as the electronic self-locking differential and active exhaust.

This 4 cylinder made in Korea is a real discovery: it really likes the shooting of its 378 Nm, already starting from low revs. In addition, the extension is the average of normal supercharged engines, up to after six thousand laps. A strange, but respectable choice, for the purpose of pure sports driving, to keep the 6-speed manual transmission, from the short lever and precise and punctual couplings even in busy driving.

The new Hyundai i30 N offers electric steering, stable at high speeds and responsive at low speeds. The front axle “N Power Sense” benefits from increased lateral stiffness and low weight compared to the standard version, it transmits fast and accurate feedback to the driver, simultaneously increasing the car’s hold and the transfer of torque to the wheels. Although, to tell the truth during the exit of the curve,  the shocks at the wheel generated by the full-bodied couple are felt. So much so that it is necessary to keep the crown firm with two hands. In breaking the car breaks down the right to allow entry into the curve, but without particular apprehensions. The bite of the brakes is instead optimal, as befits a sports car.

The cornering of the new 2020 Hyundai i30 N is guaranteed by the combination of different systems that guarantee high performance, including the  Limited Differential Electronic Differential (N Corner Carving Differential). Fundamental in our opinion for optimal traction in the curve, it can be disabled by the computer and present only on the most powerful 275 hp. Thanks to this precious accessory, the 2020 Hyundai i30 N puts it all in order not to enlarge too much the outgoing curve, thanks to the vehemence of the engine: under some conditions, the understeer is therefore minimized, but it is not completely absent, especially in conditions of low adherence.

Like the adjustable active trim that is either rigid or very rigid. The most pushed mode is, in fact, extreme and is ideal for the track. We have set the customizable “N custom” mode exactly like the N, but with soft shock absorbers, so as to change on the fly between extreme driving on smooth surfaces such as billiards and an attack guide on uneven surfaces, without losing effectiveness with the annoying jumps typical of a marble structure.

2020 Hyundai i30 N Line T-GDI Petrol Engine Specs

Singular, however, the Rev Matching, a sort of automatic shotgun in a modern version, which gives a tap of gas during the climb to make it more fluid. Dual advantage: automatically adjusts engine revolutions when the driver moves from a high to a lower gear, then the ratios are inserted without jamming (slightly present if the system is deactivated by a special button on the steering wheel). Moreover, during the climb, the exhaust sound offers fun notes with unique pops.

To guarantee a sporting experience even in the interior of the New 2020 Hyundai i30 N, the sporty sound of the engine is produced by the Electronic Sound Generator integrated into the passenger compartment panels: at the base of the windscreen, there is a diffuser that offers an experienced sound even richer. But do not think it’s all fake: as regards the natural sound, depending on the driving mode, the driver can actively control the valve integrated into the exhaust, thus selecting different sounds, which change progressively when the valve is opened. And on balance, the result is winning: it is not a “peasant” and crackling exhaust as some competitors propose but decided and gloomy in full WRC style with three dry bangs full of pathos.

If we talk about consumption instead everything depends on the pace: “at all” are less than 6 km/l, with a “normal” guide we can reach 11 km per liter.

2020 Hyundai i30 N Equipment

A peculiar feature of the 2020 Hyundai i30 N are the numerous (5) driving modes, which can be activated directly from the steering wheel as on the most powerful supercars. The blue button on the race on the left controls the Eco, Normal and Sport, the less exasperated ones, while the one on the right goes to select the most sporty driving modes, the N and the N Custom. The latter can be customized by the driver (like the Individuals present in the Teutonic houses). Fundamental these keys that, in a tenth of a second, allow you to switch from soft to more powerful and vice versa. It is also possible to set up each unit individually ( engine, shock absorber, steering, Rev Matching, active differential, exhaust, and ESC ).

In addition, on the 8 “touch screen that includes the navigator, there is information on power, torque, turbo pressure, up to the G force. In Hyundai they then thought of adding two goodies compared to the normal i30, namely the  Launch Control and the Lap Timer, to view the times once the car was brought to the track. The first system controls the torque delivered, when starting from a standstill, helping to accelerate the car as a professional driver would do at the start of the race. Finally, the Electronic Stability Control  (ESC) can be deactivated completely for the track or partially, to maintain a minimum safety on the road without being “castrated” by the electronics.

The active safety side, an essential element on the compact, the i30 has all the credentials to do well: already from the attack version, it offers as standard, over the entire range, the automatic dimming of the high beam, the automatic emergency braking with recognition pedestrians.

Thanks to the Safety package, which is charged separately, the 2020 Hyundai i30 N is enhanced by Adaptive Cruise Control, speed detection system, blind spot detector, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which is a system that warns you of possible shocks in reverse, coming out of a parking lot.

Last but not least, the Driving Attention Warning, and the lane maintenance system.

2020 Hyundai i30 N Price and competitors

The 2.0 T-GDI four-cylinder mounted on the new i30 N is available in two power levels: 250 hp and 275 hp with Performance Pack.

The 2020 Hyundai i30 N 250 hp starts from 33,150 euros, the N Performance 275 hp from 37,500 euros, but there are substantial discounts. We recommend the most powerful due to a valuable gadget (absent on 250hp) the N Corner Differential, which allows higher speed curve, both in insertion, but especially at the exit, offering more fun and less understeer.

Before trying it we thought that the Hyundai i30 N was the natural rival of the VW Golf GTI, but once driven it goes beyond that typical daily sportiness of the hot hatch of equal power. For performance, we are aligned with the Megane RS and Civic Type R, but for fun, we are at the levels of the Audi RS3 and Focus RS. So they created a small bomb in Hyundai!

On the other hand, the letter “N” derives not only from Namyang, South Korea (where the main Hyundai Research and Development Center is located) but from the famous Nürburgring track, one of the most challenging circuits in the world and home of the European Test Center of Hyundai. In short, in terms of quality and safety, Hyundai has not had any inferiority complexes compared to its German rivals for some years now, since even the driving pleasure is second to none .

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