DS Pilot Skis Review

DS Pilot Skis Review

After the debut on DS 7 Crossback, the DS Pilot also arrives on DS 3 Crossback, the slightly higher compact from the ground (compared to the progenitor) presented at the Paris Motor Show 2018, which goes to collect the heavy legacy of the model that marked the carried out for the French premium brand.

Further opening the horizon to autonomous driving, the DS Pilot, also on the DS 3 Crossback, increases driving pleasure by delegating to the driver’s assistance technology that can thus be granted only the pleasure of keeping the steering wheel in his hands. Thanks to the radar and the onboard camera (this is how it works ), the DS Connected Pilot proposes the system able to automatically follow the trajectory chosen by the driver inside the carriageway (keeping the car inside the lines) and automatically adjusts the speed to the safety distance compared to the previous cars, if necessary until the vehicle is completely stopped, leaving the driver the freedom to regain control at any time.

Can be used up to 180 km / h (according to the regulations of different countries), the system becomes useful especially in traffic jams or on the motorway, where the stress of driving in the column can be easily avoided thanks to the progress of technology on the new French compact.

DS Pilot  – DS Park Pilot

Another DS Pilot system is the DS Park Pilot, which can be activated up to 30 km / h and allows you to find the necessary space, in length, to comfortably park the new DS 3 Crossback. Once confirmed the desire to park, via the touch screen, the driver can choose the parking comb or parallel, then activating the Park button starts the procedure.

The Head-Up Display system is the third spearhead of the new generation, speaking of DS Pilot. It is able to project on a transparent, color display and especially within the driver’s field of vision, the essential information for driving: speed, information of the regulator/speed limiter, recognition of signs, assistance for driving and navigation.

Inspired by fighter planes, this technology projects all the most important data onto a transparent color display, within your field of vision. Finally, the car presented in Paris opens new horizons to the relationship between man and vehicle: thanks to the DS Pilot, opening and starting the car can be done comfortably with the smartphone through the MyDS application, so as to offer the use of your vehicle who you want without having to provide the key thanks to DS Smart Access technology .

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DS Pilot Skis ReviewDS Pilot ReviewDS Pilot Automatic