2020 VW ID Neo Electric Range

2020 VW ID Neo Electric Range

Although the 2020 VW ID Neo is not until the beginning of 2020 with the dealer, we have already driven him. The developers already reveal a few details in prototype tests – and we, how the 8-second sprint to 100 actually feels with the technology of the new VW electric box.

Well, maybe they’re exaggerating a bit. The tale of the whisper-quiet electric car is currently escaping into the truth, as the background noise of wind and tires drowns even today’s modern internal combustion engines. So why does the turn signal of the 2020 VW ID Neo make no noise at all? “No, he’ll get one more,” assures Frank Bekemeier, Chief Technical Officer of E-Mobility at VW.

He and his team are currently testing prototypes of the new electric compact car in South Africa – also because of the noise. “The asphalt is particularly rough here because tire and chassis noise is particularly strong,” explains Bekemeiner. Otherwise, here, a particularly high UV radiation, which strains plastics and paint. In addition, the asphalt reflects a lot of heat, which in turn gives conclusions about the efficiency of cooling the vehicle, especially the battery pack. And anyway: Here it is even now until 19 clocks bright.

Good thing, because there is still much to do until the market launch in early 2020. Not only with the noise, do you think in the first corner, in which the steering does not give the exact feedback you know about a Golf. That inescapable, therefore simple, yet precise driving behavior, which distinguishes a VW, lacks the ID in the last consequence. At least. “We want to go there,” assures Bekemeier. And also Development Director Frank Welsch assures that “the steering in principle has no defining characteristic”.

Bumps, the slight rumble from the basement, suggestions to the seat, questioning look. “Yes, there we are. The suspension tuning is far from final, “says Welsch, who alternates with Bekemeier in the passenger seat. The fact that the prototype drives on 20-inch wheels (optional, 18-inch standard), but speaks to the vote quite well. For real comfort friends, VW offers adaptive dampers.

2020 VW ID Neo Performance

Important for both suspension comfort and handling: the low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution. The approximately 500 kg heavy battery block lies flat between the axles, the electric motor is attached to a subframe on the rear axle. The also carries the four-link axle construction with tie rods, the front is a McPherson construction used. How much the ID brings on the scales? No Answer. Estimate: around 1.8 tons. Nevertheless, the 125 kW base version with 48 kWh battery should accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in less than eight seconds.

In fact, the compact car dives so impetuously going that the torque specification of “more than 300 Nm” acts as a well-agreed understatement. But true, say the developers – they can indeed at “more than”. Welsch admits, however, “that the characteristic curve of the accelerator pedal does not quite fit”. It should, so to speak, gently respond to the first few millimeters, only then demonstrate the gentle power of the electric drive. And it is there, again and again, again and again, without hesitation, falling away very gently.

Up to 160 km / h, the ID should be fast, maybe 180 km / h, that would not be fixed, but in any case, electronically controlled. Perhaps the higher end speed is a privilege of the 150 kW variant, the permanent-magnet asynchronous generator that drives the prototypes. You would like to enjoy the performance, wish you more handling, simply because you sit so well in the ID, with slightly outstretched legs, with the best ergonomics. The instrument behind the steering wheel looks unusually small, provides a few basic information, from the right side grows a lever for the driving modes. The driving characteristics can be selected via the central monitor. And otherwise? Oh yes, a really huge head-up display that even shows animated elements, For example, the Richtunsgpfeile projected so to speak on the streets. Here, however: still picture. Everything will come. It’s about first driving experience, a spatial impression, but the compact ID should be a real golf alternative. It offers more space in the interior with similar dimensions. “A decisive advantage of the specific architecture,” says Welsch. Because in comparison to a conventional Golf alone, the unit of the air conditioning can move forward by 15 centimeters, and thus the entire instrument panel a good deal.

2020 VW ID Neo Price

Equally important: “Only with this architecture can we offer the ID at a price equivalent to that of a current, well-equipped Golf TDI.” What does that mean in concrete terms? Probably around 27,500 euros (the current e-Golf costs from 35,900 euros). It would be much more complex to integrate the batteries in an architecture that was made for a combustor. In addition, the package advantages could not be used, explains Welsch.

2020 VW ID Neo Platform

The ID swings casually along the coast road, the play instinct demands, again and again, a small intermediate sprint, occasionally you also play with the recuperation. The falls in gear B more intense than in D is with a delay of 1.8 m / s² at the level of the last e-Golf. Unlike him, the 2020 VW ID Neo works as hard as it actually is. On bumps makes him sound solid, appear rich, when turning a little dröger. And when braking? Well, wild crooks prevent traffic and road traffic regulations, but yes, the mass can be hard to hide. The pedal feel fits quite well, which is a challenge because of the transition from recuperation to hydraulic deceleration. Turn now. “Do not listen,” says Welsch, meaning the strangely rubbing sounds, just make the brakes and tires on the alternating surface. The turn signal flashes anyway. Still noiseless.


Do you want an electric car that replaces your first car because it offers space and a good range? Well, then you could now order a Hyundai Kona for 40,000 euros – and wait around a year. But then the 2020 VW ID Neo would be finished, which offers more space for the passengers and even more balanced. And, rarely at VW, will be cheaper. As always, VW is late but then comes with a thought-out product on the market.

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