2020 Tesla Model Y – New Model Arrive in SUV Format | Specs, Price

Friday, March 15th, 2019 - Tesla

2020 Tesla Model Y Specs, Price, Release Date | While it remains to understand the fate that awaits the Model 3, the protagonist, despite himself, of the current affairs of the car world, during an event held in the Californian night, Elon Musk himself presented the new Tesla Model Y, the one that is positioned as the crossover compared to the larger Model X (we tested) and the Model S sedan (we tried it too).

2019 Tesla Model Y SUV Rendering

Model Y is the high version of the Model 3: it’s about 10% bigger and the price is similar too, with $4,000 difference with the little sister. A common platform, as it usually does, even in electric, and a design that makes them very similar, both outside and inside the cockpit, with the large 15 ”display dominating the dashboard.

The difference is the possibility of accommodating up to 7-passengers, with a surcharge of about $ 3,000 thanks to which the third row of seats is installed. The 2020 Tesla Model Y also brings new features on the charging front: with the Supercharger V3 we talk about times reduced by 50%, all to be verified. The prices, shown below, are equivalent to a starting base of around $63,255.

Elon Musk announced four “versions” of the newcomer during the event that took place in California when we were missing a few hours at dawn:

  • Standard Range  – $39,000, 370 km of autonomy
  • Long Range  – $47,000, 480 km of autonomy
  • Dual Motor AWD  – $51,000, 450 km of autonomy
  • Dual Motor Performance  – $ 60,000, 450km range and 3.5 for the 0-100

The Dual Motor Performance is, therefore, the most powerful Model Y: for her, Tesla has come up with a curious “Track” mode as well as a carbon spoiler and lowered suspension, as well as an enhanced braking system. For all versions, however, thanks to more aerodynamic lines, the Cx is very good, at the level of the last generation sedan: 0.23, to the benefit of autonomy.

2020 Tesla Model Y Release Date

2020 Tesla Model Y should see it not before the beginning of 2020. The production could take place in America as well as in Shanghai at the Gigafactory which will be completed by the end of 2019: in this sense, Elon Musk is deciding the last details but its production is practically certain, after the half disasters with the deliveries of Model 3.

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