2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Redesign

2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Redesign

2020 Mini Cooper SD 5 Door Review – You say Mini Cooper and you immediately think of that Mini able to give smiles on the face without, for this, to make the wall cry. You say Mini Cooper SD and you think: how much the efficiency of a Diesel engine applause will penalize the proverbial fun that you live every time you put on the lead of a Mini, leaving out the now abused definition of go-kart feeling? The answer can be found in the lines below.

The sample under test is the son of the recent restyling presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 which has strongly focused everything on its British DNA, at least aesthetically. It is, therefore, time to find out how it is and how it goes the Mini Cooper 5-door SD driven by its 170 bhp 2.0 diesel rig, the top of the Diesel range of the British brand.

Mini Cooper SD 5-Door Redesign

Impossible not to be immediately attracted by the changes introduced by the recent restyling that we mentioned. These changes are purely aesthetic that has not distorted the always cheerful and lively character of the car. For once, therefore, we start from the rear, where Full LED lights have taken the shape of the English flag, the famous Union Jack. A noticeable novelty that no British brand had ever remotely thought to introduce and applauds Mini for having dared in an era, in which, the light signature is perhaps the most distinctive aspect of a car. The logos are also new, while the British DNA is taken inside thanks to the customization Mini Yours that takes the plot of the Union Jack in front of the passenger seat with a fascinating play of lights adjustable from the menu (290 euros on request).

The car you see in our gallery is in Emerald Gray paint (550 euro) with the inevitable black Bonnet Stripes (115 euro), while the aggressive 18 “wheels are part of the John Cooper Works package (+3,300 euro) but they are in optional equally at € 510. I really like the circular design of Full LED daytime running lights that are switched with the direction indicators while the S on the grille, common to Cooper S and SD, is synonymous with a very racing design bumper. A feature that I will return shortly instead is the pore size of the rear doors that already appear in the sideline.

Always very effective the cap of the chrome tank, it is always good with anybody color although for some it may seem tacky, while it is a welcome confirmation of the double central drain: it always has its motivated because. Before you look back at the interior, you will love the rear spoiler, profiled to fit perfectly with the peppery lines of the car.

Going on board the perceivable quality is really high, of the series that the first feeling is to have spent their money well. Beautiful, sporty and dynamic seats in leather Lounge Carbon Black, really a must (you pay € 1,150) while the steering wheel makes use of the modifications of the John Cooper Works package with the beautiful red stitching, while his signature is also present on the battitacco and in the circle logo. If the Ring LED is standard with the Hype set-up (always deactivated from the menu), the driving mode command is not missing: they are not in a happy position to reach (two levers to the right of the command to start the car) while you are engaged at the wheel, even if, on the Mini, everything is at your fingertips.

But today we do not discover that access to the rear bench is rendered hostile by the very small size of the doors. In addition, the fifth place is unusable due to the fact that it carries central drinks and the extra centimeters for the legs, compared to the three doors, there are only five, too few. The seat is comfortable, especially with optional leather upholstery. Cars for families? We would not say, also because you can always opt for the most voluminous Countryman. If the Clubman is, notoriously, the longest remaining on the “low” range of Mini, with its 4.25 meters and 360 liters of boot, the Mini 5-door is rightly in half position with the ultra-compact three-door, with 3 , 98 / 4.01 meters (depending on version) and 278 liters of rear capacity. With sofas lowered, respectively, 941 for the 5-door and a more reassuring 1.

In the cockpit they show the excellent head-up display at 615 euros (very useful the function recalled from the steering wheel to change radio station, where the DAB is charged separately, thanks to which the eye remains focused on the road), the always excellent Mini Visual radio Boost with Connected Services and the Harman Kardon sound system: the latter adds 800 euros to the total.

Let’s call it a little toy for adults who have never grown too much or, that is the same thing, a dad who likes to spoil himself a bit. On the other hand, this is the true strength of the British brand.

Mini Cooper SD Engine Performance – 2.0 170 Horsepower

Let’s start from that little gem that is the automatic transmission Steptronic 8 reports, from the BMW school and standard on all SD. Alone, it makes the car very pleasant driveable thanks to its “quickness of reflexes” and the remarkable extension capabilities that guarantee the eight ratios combined with the 170 hp of the 2.0 four-cylinder with that 360 Nm available almost immediately, already at 1,500 rpm.

Feelings that are not sports cars, if with sports we mean that category where the acceleration involves that pleasant physical phenomenon that sees your body trying to become a common part with the seat that tries to support you, but the Cooper SD cannot be sure defined car little alarm. Like all Diesel, we said, remarkable is the ability to shoot even with the highest gears.

The 0 to 100 km/h is, however, more than discrete and, as we shall see shortly, has little to envy to that of a more cooperative Cooper S. You can act on the fun thanks to the three driving modes that are no longer at the base of the change but are selected through a not too convenient lever located below the climate controls. Driving modes that help more than anything else to save on fuel consumption, already very good and that allows you to have a more prompt response of the wheel in Sport, with the dedicated graphics that appear on the central screen and makes it clear that, when you want, 2020 Mini Cooper SD also knows how to go fast. Difficult, then, run into the understeer despite the front wheel drive, a sign of the excellent work done on the chassis and the proverbial go-kart feeling which makes the car very flat and slightly inclined rolling and pitching. It is no longer the go-kart feeling of the past, but we are satisfied.

Back splitting machine? Nì, in the sense that to reward the insertion and that flat plate above, the springs and suspensions are certainly not calibrated to travel on velvet. Among the curves, however, the smiles are assured at the expense of consumption all in all very good.

During our entire test (as always a mix between urban, suburban and mixed in the three modes Eco, Mid, Sport) we have never exceeded 6.2 l/100 km average. Given really promising for those looking for a car that knows how to entertain but, also, consumes little seen, however, that touch the 200 hp. Another note of merit for the steering wheel, always very precise but soft in the city and able to turn the car into the proverbial handkerchief: the poor 4 meters certainly help, but the demultiplication helps in the same way.

From the point of view of safety, you need a payment of 500 euros for the Driving Assistant , as he calls them Mini in its configurator: thanks to a camera on the windshield are included the Forward Collision Warning (prevention of the plugging through visual, acoustic, pre-activation of brakes and automatic braking in case of emergency), Pedestrian Collision Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition (recognition of road signs indicating speed limits and overtaking bans), and High Beam Assistant (automatic control) of the dazzling headlights). The Hype version includes cruise control with a very useful brake function for long motorway journeys.


Mini Cooper SD VS S – Wich Better?

You say, with gasoline you have more fun. In part true, but the substance, to use an appropriate word, is an intrinsic part of this beautiful 170 hp engine that has everything you need to entertain especially without stopping too often at the gas pump. Ok, the sound is what it is, but we want to compare the data, without counting the usual “sofa” of if you do a few kilometers better gasoline?

The traction is anterior for both, while the horses are to the advantage of the Cooper S, 190 against 170. On the other hand, the SD wins 360 Nm at 1,500 rpm against 300 Nm at 1,350 of the Cooper S; it is known, however, that Diesel does not fight on the couple. Maximum speed and 0-100 km / h? 235 km / h and 6.9 seconds for the Cooper S against 223 km / h and 7.3 seconds for the Cooper SD. Reading this data, the Cooper S gives more emotions, on paper, while in terms of consumption the Diesel always wins (declared 6.5 l / 100 km of Cooper S against 4.5 l / 100 km of Cooper SD). It’s up to you to choose between wallet and heart that beats faster.

As for prices, however, the next chapter will solve your doubts.

Mini Cooper SD Prices and competitors

The price list of the Mini Cooper SD 5-door starts at € 30,850 (compared to € 28,100 in Cooper S, to close the question), a price that drops to € 22,850 (- € 8,000) for the Diesel One D range from 95 hp. 5.700 euros instead dance between a Cooper SD and a Cooper D, always 5 doors. Too bad for the price of the options, always the variable with which it is really too easy to easily overcome prices far from other types of cars. If some options may seem superfluous, it is undeniable that quality, and we do not find out today, you pay.

The version we tested, in the already quite extensive Hype set-up (from 33.950 euros) has still reached the figure of 41.600 euros because of the budget on demand that we have told you. So many, few? Considering that the car is “only” four meters long and space is what it is, it may seem like many but it is not said that they are, not for everyone at least. Dear, this Mini Cooper SD 5 door, it is objectively and this is certainly not a point in its favor, especially considering the too large, and certainly not cheap, list of options.

Among the overt rivals, at least for powers and price range, just look in segment C, pity that in terms of size would be the case of a segment decline. As a comparison, a Renault Clio is even a few centimeters longer but does not reach such levels of power (and of course price). Playing among the B that aim at the premium, we could elect the new Audi A1 Sportback as its worthy rival: it grows in size compared to the previous generation, offers five doors, but does not have, for now, Diesel engines in the range. The 116 PSI 1.0 TFSI with S Tronic transmission starts at € 24,350 to reach the 28,300 S Line Edition.



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