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Friday, March 8th, 2019 - Mercedes

2020 Mercedes B200 Redesign, Specs, Price | New B-Class  – A year ago, just in these days, we had tried the old B-Class in its final version. It was a rather rich set up offered at an attractive price, designed to accompany the car towards the end of his career, pushing on the relationship between quality and price. This was because the new generation A class had already left and it was clear that the B based on the same platform would soon arrive there.

2020 Mercedes B200 Redesign Exterior

So here we are, at the wheel of the third series of Mercedes B-Class, a car that has the Star on the hood since 2004 and that from that year has conquered more than one million customers in the world. For years it was the only proposal in the premium vans segment and now it is completely renewed, improving all aspects, from driving, to comfort on board, to technology. We came to Rome for a brief contact along an urban route in the traffic of the capital.

2020 Mercedes B200 Redesign & Changes

In terms of style, the difference between the old B-Class is immediately felt. We are dealing with the classic case of a car that suddenly ages when the new one comes out. But this is the other side of the coin when the design is particularly noticeable. The length has grown imperceptibly (+2 cm), as well as the width (+1 cm). The height has instead decreased by 40 mm, while the pitch has increased by 30 mm.

With the naked eye, the line is globally more streamlined and cleaner. The details like the big front star – which cleverly hides the radar – or the projectors designed with few fleeting features stand out. Then there are others that define the family feeling, such as the design of the door, or the same handles, the wedge shape of the side, or the chrome around the gaskets. The lines of the rear are very clean and elegant, though not as original as those of the front. In general, in any case, it is an elegant and rather “minimal” car. In short, if you like the style of Mercedes in recent years, the B-Class will satisfy you 100%.

2020 Mercedes B200 Interior – MBUX is the master

Let’s just say that the B-Class is not a champion of internal volumetry. Considering the external dimensions one might expect something more, even from the boot that stops at 455 liters (38 less than the previous generation) but Mercedes is forgiven with all the rest. The Cx of 0.24translates into a total absence of rustling and whirling. The march is so silent that it almost annoys the engine’s presence, however, muffled it may be. The materials, then, are of high quality with the dashboard that has a soft plastic like around if they see only a few. The glossy panels are also very well made and do not scratch, while the couplings – even between different surfaces – are simply perfect.

2020 Mercedes B200 Interior

Mention of merit also to the seats, which are rather hard as from the Teutonic tradition but also extremely comfortable. In other words, on board, you can breathe a sense of peace and comfort, which brings out, even more, the features of the MBUX infotainment system. The long display developed horizontally at the beginning can also seem small, far from intrusive.

Driving the B-Class it turns out that its size is absolutely correct. Does not force you to move your eyes too far from the road but does not distract even too much by occupying the field of vision. Its functionalities and possibilities are simply the top currently in circulation and it would take pages apart to describe them all. So we choose one, the navigator with augmented reality, which when it is time to turn overlaps the digital indication to the live image of the front camera.

2020 Mercedes B200 Performance

Of the three diesel engines available for the test drive we chose the middle one, or the 2 liters 150 HP. There would also be the 1.5 HP with 115 HP and the same 2.0 with 190 HP, which has the new 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, but we have chosen the balance. Here the reports are “only” 7 but the performances are still relevant, also because Class B does not exceed 14 quintals.

There is the talk of a 0-100 km / h in 8.2 seconds and 223 km / h of maximum speed, more than enough numbers for any family. And indeed, the sporting character of this minivan is also evident in electronic settings. If you set the dynamic select on Sport you will discover an unknown “nervousness” to more specialized cars, with lightning gear changes and very sudden climbs, almost runners.

The steering wheel is quite direct and precise, even if it is still light in Mercedes style. Finally, the set-up is one of the most successful parts of the car and this shows how important the quality of the components is, given that at the rear there is a simple interconnected bridge and not a refined multi-link. On the brakes, however, we must suspend the judgment because in the short test-drive Capitoline we could only appreciate them in the stop and go gear. The pedal, as per Stella’s tradition, is still rather soft.

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