2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Pro Price in USA

2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Pro Price in USA

The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Pro represents the non plus ultra of what a child (or a passionate adult) can find under the Christmas tree (or in the garage of his dreams), provided that you are big fans of supercars and above all of cars produced in Stuttgart. The entire Affalterbach GT range has received more or less substantial updates but the queen remains her, with her 585 hp.

In addition to being updated in design, the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe and Roadster two-door models receive AMG DYNAMICS integrated driving dynamics regulation (Basic, Advanced, Pro, Master, the new AMG Performance steering wheel, a center console with buttons). with innovative displays and a completely digital display on the dashboard (with 12.3-inch instrumentation and a 10.25-inch multimedia display in the center) and, substantially, even more, top performance.

In all cases (AMG GT, AMG GT S, AMG GT C and AMG GT R and GT R PRO) the engine is always the 4.0 V8 Biturbo with powers between the 476 hp of the GT to the 585 of the GT R PRO. For the GT S and the GT C, respectively, 522 and 557 hp: you do not go for the light even in these two cases. The 0 to 100 km/h starts from the net 4 seconds of the GT to reach the 3.6 of the GT R PRO, while the maximum speed varies from a “minimum” of 304 km/h (302 km/h the Roadster) to 318 km/h of the most performing.

The basic layout of the AMG GT range with central front engine and gearbox in transaxle configuration on the rear axle, allows the weight to be distributed advantageously with a slightly greater percentage on the rear axle. All this, combined with the low center of gravity, makes the car extremely manageable and allows you to reach high speeds when cornering.

New, in terms of design, is the LED High-Performance luminous signature, taken from the AMG GT Coupe 4, which also inspired the shape of the trims of the double tailpipes common to the four versions.

2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Pro Price

Want to know the prices, before seeing the GT R PRO at work on the green hell? The new GT R is priced at $204,258, while the PRO package, a limited edition of 750 numbered copies, costs the beauty of $44,742 more.


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