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Saturday, February 9th, 2019 - Kia

The Kia Sportage is renewed with the restyling of the fourth generation through new elements both at the aesthetic level and under the hood. On the other hand, if we talk about engines, here is the new version: the Diesel mild hybrid engine with a 48V electric system, which we wanted to test immediately.

2020 KIA Sportage Redesign & Changes


2020 KIA Sportage Redesign – Light Changes

Already the aesthetic evolution of the New generation of Sportage, in 2015 was the result of the work conducted by the Kia European Style Center in Frankfurt, in collaboration with the other centers of Namyang in Korea and Irvine in California. The result was a “brave” Sportage, able to change with respect to the previous generation, which had marked the great consecration to the model’s best seller. However, in the mid-career restyling it was necessary to give a “refreshed general”, in order to keep the style always current, without changing the overall dimensions: length 4,495 mm, width and height respectively 1,635 mm and 1,855 mm.

The changes introduced see a  new tiger nose grille, more rounded, new skid plates in front and back, and a new design of both light clusters, exclusively by the LED light signature. Available now the full LED and the “ice-cubes” led fog lamps , of the GT Line version, the one we tested, which has been slightly modified, with a redesigned front bumper , the new housings for the fog lamps and the glossy black inserts, or chromed, which connect the lower air intake and the double chrome exhaust .

2020 KIA Sportage Interior

The cockpit offers a  new steering wheel and an updated instrument panel, with GT Line versions that leave the choice between two-colored fabric seats (standard), leather with new color combinations or black leather with optional red stitching. Very scenographic and also containment as required.

The dashboard offers good overall quality, with soft plastics throughout the upper part, leaving the starkest part, but still present, to the most hidden part. The thin-crowned steering wheel does not like it: it’s not too prehensile. The lower commands of the climate and the upper ones of the radio are very similar to each other and for this reason, it is easy to get confused on the first ones. Chiara hand the evolution of Kia’s AVN  (Audio-Visual Navigation) is presented with a modern aesthetic to the center of the dashboard and has a choice of a 7-inch touch screen, or the new 8-inch “frameless” suspended from which you can aim at the image of the rear camera. Mirroring systems are available apple Car Play and Android Auto and DAB radio. The sound system is JBL: high quality. The Kia Connected is integrated with the navigation system with updated TomTom traffic data, weather forecasts and indications of the presence of speed controls.

2020 KIA Sportage Powertrain

The 2,670 mm wheelbase offers plenty of space for passengers, both in front and behind, not even at head and shoulder level. Even in five, it is good for the back. The load capacity is confirmed as good on the previous version, with the trunk that varies from 439 liters  (467 if we exclude the Mild Hybrid engine, which requires a 48V lithium battery under the load floor) to a maximum of 1,469 liters.

The main innovation under the bonnet is represented by the presence of the Mild Hybrid combined with the 2.0 Diesel engine.

This system allows delivering 185 hp and 400 Nm of torque, mostly coming from the thermal unit, but supported by a 48V alternator. It “helps” the diesel engine during acceleration, reloading “energy” during braking. A more than adequate boost is generated for the type of vehicle. Consumption, however, is not as low as the declared. We speak of 12 km per liter, with limited autonomy as the tank of the MHEV version is reduced to “only” 55 liters. Therefore the total autonomy is just over 650 km.

The new engine is only paired with the new 8-speed automatic transmission with torque converter, which is not bad for comfort if you do not expect a sporty driving. Pleasant solidarity paddles on the steering wheel, which give good feedback, while the lever has “+” and “-” movements in positions that do not follow the criteria of biomechanics. When you need power in recovery, just enter the “sport” mode:  the climb is fast and the 400 Nm of torque guarantee a great panache. The 49 kg more weight due to the battery and electric motor practically do not feel, with the Sportage resumes well, with a good extension for a turbodiesel.

On the road the behavior of the 2020 KIA Sportage is typical of a ” fair ” SUV, with a fairly contained roll: overall the driving pleasure is not compromised in any situation, rather it is pleasant to drive, thanks to the good elasticity and well integrated with the fluid and soft change.

At highway speeds emerge hisses generated by large mirrors and the little “silenced” wheel arches. Instead, it is difficult to perceive the noise of the engine, a sign that the soundproofing of the engine compartment has been properly maintained. At 130 km/h it “sails” at 2,000 rpm , with a consumption of around 12.5 km / l.

With the four-wheel drive, you can add the possibility of locking the center differential, which allows you to tackle different terrains, for all-round use, but not extreme: at the end always SUV it is. Confirmed suspension and set-up of the previous version, in the GT Line version, which we tested, the suspensions have slightly more sporty characteristics, but the absorption of the holes is still of quality.

2020 KIA Sportage Turbo CRDi Engine

2020 KIA Sportage Hybrid

The 2020 KIA Sportage 2.0 CRDi Mild Hybrid features the “light” hybrid, which makes the Sportage MHEV more efficient, thanks to a 48-volt battery that powers a 12 kWh electric motor, able to help the Korean SUV in the restart and frequent start and stop of city traffic. Without forgetting the fact that, thanks to the mild hybrid, the Sportage should get the hybrid registration (at the moment seems not to have it yet) that will facilitate it in the entrances in many environmental LTZ and during the traffic blocks, a real scarecrow of the Diesel.

To be precise, the Kia Mild Hybrid system delivers accelerating electric power, reducing the load and consumption of the diesel engine and starting vibrations, in addition to emissions. In the “generator” mode, the system recovers kinetic energy during deceleration, braking and running at constant speed, while in normal driving phases it provides power to the heat engine, using the energy stored previously. With the new ” Moving Stop & Start ” function, if the battery in the mild hybrid system is sufficiently charged, the diesel engine switches off automatically during decelerations, or during braking, starting from 20 km / h. During regeneration, the regeneration is barely audible, we realize that the vehicle has slowed slightly with respect to the normal “sail”.

In terms of safety, the driver assistance technologies available are the Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go, the Around View Monitor for easier parking maneuvers and the Driver Attention Warning, to counteract the fatigue and inattention behind the wheel. Depending on the versions, there are also the emergency braking assistance system with pedestrian detection, the Lane Departure Warning System, the Lane Keeping System, and the Auto High Beam.

2020 KIA Sportage Price and competitors

The price list of the 2020 KIA Sportage is based on three versions: Business Class, Energy, and GT Line. Also available in two different versions (front or AWD) and gear changes between the manual, automatic 7-speed dual clutch and 8-speed torque converter for the MHEV engine.

The standard equipment includes standard tinted windows, daytime LEDs, fog lights, 17 “Bicolor alloy wheels, steering wheel and leather gear knob, cruise control, rear parking sensors, manual climate and Radio 7” Touchscreen with Mirroring system.

Also available are several packages that group the most coveted options, such as the 1,500 euro Design Pack, the Lounge Pack, again at 1,500 euros and the Premium Pack, at 2,000 euros.

The starting price of the 2020 KIA Sportage is 24,500 euros for the 1.6 GDi 2WD in the Business Class set up, to reach the 34,500 euros of the 1.6 CRDi 136 Hp 2WD GT Line. In the All Wheel Drive range, instead, the Kia Sportage offers only the two highest versions and starts from the price of 31,750 euros for the 1.6 CRDi 136 HP AWD in Energy set up, to reach the 38,500 euros of the Kia Sportage MHEV GT Line version, that of this test.

As usual, also for Kia Sportage, the Korean House offers a guarantee of 7 years or 150,000 kilometers.

The main competitors, including MHEV and normal Traditional versions, are the  Hyundai Tucson MHEV, Mazda Cx-5, Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008, Renault Kadjar, Toyota Rav4, and the VW Tiguan.

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