2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior Feature Update

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior Feature Update

When Ford announced that the 2020 Fiesta ST, the most performance version of the variegated and rich new generation, would receive under the bonnet the appreciated Ecoboost, with its three cylinders, we passionate, let’s face it, came a heart attack. A child’s choice of downsizing fashion that is affecting everyone a bit, in an era where anti-pollution standards start to get serious.

The 2020 Ford Fiesta ST, added to the list a few months after the official debut of the week generation, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, thus going to take, with all due assumptions, the legacy of the ST200, part of the sixth generation , and above all the 200 horsepower that already have a certain languor when the engine is off. Personally, after having seen her in Geneva, the desire to drive it and to verify how much fun would have remained compared to the ST200 ady a guarantee of smiles and some cross bars, was so, really so.

After Titanium, Vignale, and Active, could we miss the most sporty of them all? Obviously not, so here’s how it goes the Ford Fiesta ST 2020 with its three-cylinder ready to amaze us, or maybe not?

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Design

The 2020 Fiesta ST, since its debut on the stage, has always stood out from the rest of the “family” of the Blue Oval’s compact. A bit for its dedicated aesthetic kit, which includes a calendar with a nesting grid ‘bee, sportier (with the beautiful ST logo in red to adorn it) a bit’ for that side B that, aided by the horizontal arrangement of the headlights introduced with the week generation, makes it seems even more attached to the ground. A little ‘less, if we want, for that fake speaker (personally I would not have made the same color of the body) that serves only to satisfy the look of those who this new hot hatch if you want to devour with your eyes, but not very useful for practical purposes. And then he, the drain, or rather the double exhaust, positioned there on the right, inside which, on the left side, if you pay attention, you will notice a small valve that, at the magic pressure of a button on the central tunnel, changes the voice terminal, giving a few grunts and crackling, especially at full stroke, which never hurts.

If the ST-Line wants to do it the verse, in a certain way succeeding, at least aesthetically, the ST is more aggressive, more naughty, you can also notice the presence of the small spoiler integral with the body and side skirts. As standard, we find 18 “wheels with Ford Performance red calipers, and these, by themselves, change their appearance to the sideline. The headlights are also Full LED on request, against a payment of 750 euros more, but change, for the better, the light beam of the lights.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior, however, is the part that has always changed less than an ST-Line, at least looking at the picture and the central area. Yes, it’s true, on the leather-covered steering wheel there is the nice ST logo at the bottom, but if it were not for this particular, it would be easy to confuse it with the little sister who shares part of the DNA with her. The SYNC 3 is always a guarantee (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto attached), a little ‘less for voice commands, while the automatic climate is standard as well as heated seats. Already, the seats, and here we begin to appreciate the work done internally on the heir of the ST200. Always signed Recaro, contain the body well provided you are not too robust, the space in the cockpit, on the other hand, is what it is. If it is slightly difficult to grab the seat belt, all their ability to contain the body is revealed when you get up, as they know how to be comfortable when you want to stay calm.

Finally, the trunk that has remained on similar levels, if you do not have great claims, compared to the past: 292 liters of minimum capacity and 1.093, exactly the same as the rest of the Fiesta family that can count on a length of 4.04 meters, certainly better than sixth generation which stood just below four (3.97 meters for accuracy). Another characteristic feature of the car we tested is the Ford Performance Blue Premium color, optional at € 900, moreover, it is the same that you can find on a certain Ford GT. but of course, there are also other colors, such as the Race Red Solid proposed without extra charge.

Present, finally, on the car under test, the Rear View Camera (400 euros) and, as standard, the B & O Play sound system that sounds wonderful and helps, as you will soon discover, to increase the still very pleasant sound of the exhaust and of the three-cylinder engine that tries to invade the cockpit. Always valid the Door Edge Protector, in optional to 150 euro, able to protect the side edge of the doors and equally appreciable the sill on which stands in red, the writing Ford Performance.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Performance

The size, cross, and delight of every self-respecting man, this time also concern this little hot hatch that, as we said, gave up a cylinder and lost 100 cc of the displacement compared to the ST200 but, I can guarantee it, has lost nothing but just nothing of its character all pepper. It’s true, there’s the turbo (with variable double timing) that gives a big hand, but in Ford Performance the technicians managed to pull out a little gem that pushes really hard and exalts up to 6,500 rpm; at that point, at full scale, the ta-ta-ta that you feel in the cockpit (aided by the audio system) recommends a gear change with the excellent six-speed manual (the automatic is not available and it’s better that way) which never imposes itself, on the contrary, always being precise in the insertion and well correlated between a change and the other, apart from the transition between first and second that, at low speeds, allows too much inertia.

Just the full scale fits perfectly to tell you about the Performance Pack that, for 1,000 euros more, one of the essential features for this car, offers the indicator light when you go over-revolution, the mechanical limited-slip differential (Quaife LSD), on which we’ll be back shortly, and the fun Launch Control. The latter is more a style exercise that, once activated the mode, by pressing the clutch and accelerator simultaneously, allows you to keep the constant laps on the 3,000 and make the 2020 Fiesta ST accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds and give you a nice wipe that never hurts.

The engine once started, is surprising as it stays in pairs up to full scale, as well as the sound, especially in the Sports mode and Circuit (there is also the normal mode, a sort of Eco), does not disappoint at all. Do you remember the valve in the exhaust? It is precisely the one that, by pressing the button of the most sporting driving modes, opens and allows this change of timbre to the terminal.

And in the corners? This machine was born to eat the curves, thanks to a super flat chassis with the sports suspension (the other side of the medal is the not so good absorption of bumps and holes) and to the mechanical self-locking differential that always guarantees, but really always, an excellent grip. The car, a small detail, was fitted with the Pirelli Sottozero winter tires and the estate surprised me anyway, I just want to imagine what it would have been like to dance in the corners with a nice set of high-performance summer tires …

Precise the steering, think that just two turns to rotate it all, a sign of excellent directionality that fits perfectly with the sharp trim of the car. In short, the 2020 Ford Fiesta ST drives very well, and has remained that effect dancer of the rear that was already felt on the ST200, maintained thanks to revised springs and improved (- 10 kg on the scale) without ever giving the feeling of a sudden oversteer (which is not expected from an anterior traction) from the tail between the legs. Even with the ESP disabled (it does so automatically by selecting the Circuit mode), the feeling is always to have everything under control, being able to concentrate only and exclusively with the fun.

The car should not be driven “dirty”, but always reacts well to all conditions, showing slight understeer, but just mentioned, if you go too firm. Let’s say that, with the famous rear effect of the dancer, the insertion becomes easier, always considering that the structure remains faithful and makes every slightest change in the asphalt felt. Then put the action of the Quaife LSD and torque vectoring (which brakes the inner wheel) and final goodbye to understeer, of course when these last two trinkets are present, being optional.

Excellent brakes, the car does not break down and stops in a small space. Back in the city? The shot is always appreciable even at the traffic light but be careful not to overdo the Launch Control otherwise you will start to feel the smell of burnt friction. 290 Nm of torque is enough, and they advance, always and in any case.

Being a Fiesta, with just over a year on the shoulders in terms of technological innovation, there is also all the help systems that are climbing even on the small ones. Sign of the changing times and a sign that this ST is still an exuberant version but still a Fiesta. Here is the Lane Keeping Assist, the Traffic Sign Recognition, the cruise control and, not least, the BLIS to catch the eye when overtaking, thanks to the classic orange light that comes on in the rear-view mirror.

Summing up, with the Magone of having abandoned this little gem, what good was done on the old ST200, with its sharp and exuberant make, has been maintained and improved with the arrival of the 2020 Ford Fiesta ST. Other than disappoint, this three-cylinder is a time bomb ready to explode when you sink your foot on the gas, thus giving sensations that, as we wanted to remember in the introduction, it was difficult to expect from an engine that has chosen three cylinders, a little for economy a little because otherwise that Ecoboost would be.

Without considering that, and here comes, the beautiful, three cylinders above all they consume less, since there is still talk of a city car or Sunday trip, and, icing on the cake, there is the deactivation of the cylinders that helps to contain more consumption when traveling at a constant speed, reactivating in the blink of an eye, even less (estimated 14 milliseconds) as soon as more power is required. In short, bad when needed, bland when there is to pull straight.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Fuel Economy

With consumption that, after having tortured her for good, they have never dropped below 11 km / l. Let’s say that with a light foot, even if it would have been tough enough, the 15 km / l is not a mirage at all, as the 17 km / l guaranteed in sixth gear at the speed of the ring road (the House declares 6 l / 100 km, real enough). And then, do you want to put us in comfort? Compared to the ST200, comfort has improved thanks to the well-shaped but more comfortable seats, as well as having earned something in terms of space.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Prices and competitors

If the 2020 Ford Fiesta ST range starts from a list price of 14,500 euros, indicative price for the entry version Plus that could easily represent the antithesis of the ST while remaining a Fiesta in all respects, the protagonist of this test part instead of 26.300 euros (27.050 the five-door), with manual transmission equipped with Start & Stop as standard and a very complete equipment already.

Among the B-segment hot hatchers ready to hold their own, and not a few, we find the new Volkswagen Polo GTI, the Peugeot 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport, the Renault Clio R.S. 18, the new Audi A1 45 TFSI and all those compact that, with the engine right under the bonnet, say around 200 hp, are still the desire of many fans, not necessarily with a limited age below the trent ‘years. The fun is really ageless, even with one less cylinder.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior Feature Update Pictures

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