2020 Cupra Arona – What do we know about 200 Hp Seat SUV

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 - Cupra

Cupra is the sports brand of SEAT, and its expansion seems faster and faster. After introducing the Cupra Ibiza as a prototype, the Cupra Ateca has arrived on the market, a SEAT Ateca with 300 Horsepower and a very dynamic set-up. The first exclusive car of the brand will soon be accompanied by the hottest version of the SEAT Arona, a 2020 Cupra Arona whose design was shown in a short video by the brand – from which the captures that accompany this article are extracted. At the moment we do not know any official data of the CupraArona, but everything indicates that it will be a B-SUV with an important extra spicy.2020 Cupra Arona Interior Features

Cupra Arona Release Date

The 2020 Cupra Arona of the images would be a prototype, anticipating a production version that would arrive throughout 2019 , with minimal changes. As always, take the pictures with a pinch of salt: there is always a small chance that the final design will be altered. That being said, the images agree perfectly with what would be the Cupra Arona. We found an Arona with a new front bumper, with an aggressive grid at the bottom and the huge Cupra logo presiding over the grille. The gray lead color we have seen in other Cupra is also the official color of this sporty Arona.

2020 Cupra Arona Dimensions & Specs

In its lateral profile, we will find tires of at least 18 inches, with a braking equipment of generous dimensions , with what look like four-piston calipers on the front axle. The behind is also discreet, with a small diffuser in which are framed twin twin exits, darkened tones. Again, the integration of the brand logo on the tailgate seems more than improvable – what are we going to do. In one of the images, the Cupra Arona appears rolling next to a Cupra Ibiza, a car with which it would share both platform and mechanics, applying the sense of logic.

Everything points to the Cupra Arona will make use of the well – known 2.0 TSI engine of the Volkswagen Group, with a power of at least 200 HP . This engine would channel its power to the front axle, either by means of a manual gearbox or a dual clutch DSG gearbox. To this powerplant, the group would be attached an adaptive suspension – with less free height to the ground than any conventional Arona – of adjustable hardness and a more direct direction. In any case, we would be talking about a car with good dynamism, capable of compensating for the dynamic lacks inherent in any crossover, caused by its center of gravity.

Inside you will find sports seats, a steering wheel lined Alcantara, more sporty looking moldings and details in golden tones – characteristic of Cupra. In this aspect, we should not find a car radically to the SEAT Arona FR, which is not something negative.

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