2020 BMW X2 20d Review: Compact Urban Premium SUV

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2020 BMW X2 20d Review: Compact Urban Premium SUV | Before her, she had never seen the X associated with the number 2. In an ever-expanding family, the new BMW X2, presented last spring and anticipated by the concept of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, immediately set itself the goal of offering a different car concept compared to the other “X”, and one in particular, with which it shares the platform. For those who do not know what we are talking about, with the third last letter of the alphabet all the models of the Bavarian brand high range are identified and the 190 HP X2 20d is no less, although it is not so easy to define SUV, as more sedan.

2020 BMW X2 20d Review

The BMW X2 is, therefore, a transversal car, able to offer space and sportiness, even if its name can be misleading, following the pure numerical logic, as you will soon discover. A transversal car but in all respects able to increase the offensive of the German brand in the strategic segment of compact SUVs, or crossovers as some prefer to call them, where BMW could not be found unprepared.

With the 2020 BMW X2 20d MSport we tested, the BMW SUV nature and becomes a willing sportswoman to attack the asphalt, I would add in moderation. In fact, the “M” care can be noticed above all inside rather than outside, but also, in this case, we will have the opportunity to deepen. Here’s how the 2020 BMW X2 20d is powered by the 2.0 bhp from 190 bhp, an engine that comes with all the credentials to be called the non plus ultra for a car like this.

2020 BMW X2 20d Design

If you look at the X2 and put it near the famous other X, especially the odd ones (X1, X3, X5) you will immediately notice a certain difference. With the even numbering, in fact, BMW identifies coupe cars or the like coupé even when the ground clearance starts to exceed certain sedan averages. So from the floor of X1, longer, and high, 8 cm, BMW has decided to take advantage of the platform to create a car with more dynamic lines and, if desired, better placed on the ground. In fact, the X2 (4.36 meters long, 1.82 meters wide and 1.53 meters high), let’s say the coupé version of the X1, it differs from it not only for a lower height but above all for a more characteristic imprint on the road, which almost brings it closer to the sedans of the BMW. The Blue Misano paint gives it a lot of character, as an option at 900 euro.

The car under test, like all the MSport that you respect, appears immediately more rebellious with the aerodynamic package MSport that provides the bumper of sports setting, characterized by increased air intakes on the A side and the dual exhaust terminal on the side B. They also like the classic double kidney here extended in the horizontal direction and the loopholes, just under the fog lamps and fortunately true, which make the air flow towards the side parts of the car; you can not hide that make a lot of sports car, and here the signature MSport is known and how. Also the luminous signature, full LED, with cornering light function (the light beam follows the radius of the curve) is slightly different from the other X as well as the fog lamps that are positioned just below the lights, an aspect that has not fully convinced me, but also in this case , becomes distinctive of the model.

In optional, and mounted on the car we tested, here are the 20 “rims (code 716M on the list, 870 euros) that help to give even more sportiness to the side line while scrolling with the look here is another characteristic feature, namely the logo BMW placed on the C-pillar , one of the most obvious innovations introduced by the rebel character of the new X2 but, in reality, taken from historical models of the House, such as the 2000 CS or 3.0 CLS.

More dynamic and sophisticated shapes that do not steal space inside, remained practically the same as the X1 (the difference in length was cleverly obtained by playing with the overhangs) thanks to the 2.87-meter step that unites them. What is more striking than the BMW X2 Msport is, however, the quality of the interior, on the space, however, I will be back soon.

In the sportiest version in the range, in fact, you can not fail to be impressed by the quality of the assemblages as well as by the successful combination of cloth and Alcantara with contrasting blue stitching, as well as by the excellent sports seats that contain curves but are detected be also very comfortable.

What I like best, staying with my eyes fixed where they must stand, that is on the road, that little masterpiece that is the MSport sports steering wheel with three spokes (on the left the cruise controls with brake function, active up to 0 km/h ) can only catch my attention. If you close your eyes and touch it, you seem to be sitting on an M2, at the end you change a letter and you’re done. Modeled for pleasure, touch, and sight, they are the paddles of the Steptronic automatic transmission. An exceptional combination on which BMW hardly betrays expectations.

2020 BMW X2 20d Interior

Looking instead at the instrument panel and the dashboard, we will have to wait for a possible new generation to see commands appear or completely digital panels (already present from X3 to go up) but we do not complain, the graphics are very successful and the touch screen 8 , 8 ” , with DAB radio as standard, which is placed at the top where the view does not have to struggle to find the information you need, and there are so many information.

If the black plastic shines (perhaps excessive) is the windfall when it comes to dust, there is instead the practice wheel of iDrive that helps, and not a little, to move through the menus with the always practical function of writing with fingers on the surface. Closes the model, but this is an optional, the excellent Harman Kardon sound system.

They also like the moldings that are enhanced by the six selectable LED colors, whose intensity can obviously be adapted as desired to change the interior atmosphere. I mentioned the space: thanks to the step near the 3 meters, there are absolutely comfortable five passengers and even the trunk does not disappoint in terms of capacity: 470 liters (total even considering the separate cockpit) become 1.355 knocking down the seats 40:20:40, against, as a comparison, the 505 and 1,550 liters of capacity of the largest X1.

2020 BMW X2 20d Interior & Equipment

Moreover, thanks to the high load threshold, it can become difficult to load objects and even the mouth of the tailgate is not so large. There is, however, the fully electronic opening and closing, standard on the BMW X2 MSport.

In terms of dimensions, rather than driving a crossover, I reiterate the concept that seems to be driving a sedan. The seat, in fact, is not as high as on an X1 and suffice it to think that a Series 1 is only three centimeters long. The impact, however, is certainly not to have sat on the “baby” of the X range, indeed, even if the judgment could be spoiled by the very generous equipment on the car we tested, equipment that raises the price, as you will find out, at least for the departure segment.

2020 BMW X2 20d On The Road

The 2020 BMW X2 20d xDrive, that is with the four-wheel drive, turns out to be an agile car with a bit of fun, thanks to the engine, gritty as well as the base, and the set calibrated to perfection. The combination of engine and transmission is great, and if 400 Nm of torque of the turbodiesel can be enough, nothing would be the same if combined with the four-cylinder there was the eight-step Steptronic , operated by the classic lever on the tunnel, in sequential mode , both from the aforementioned pallets with which it is perennially a pleasure to deal with. The gearbox that adapts to sporty driving as well as more relaxed driving (the sailing function is present), always being ready when needed and offering really subtle changes.

It seems obvious to define the Steptronic is a guarantee within the BMW – Mini galaxy, but so it is, even more so on this X2 where fits perfectly with the 190 bhp 2.0 capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / in 7, 6 seconds for a maximum speed, after a more than positive stretch, to about 220 km / h. The 2020 BMW X2 20d, however, has even more amazed me on the mixed, where the attitude I mentioned, combined with the engine’s capabilities, makes the “rebel” among the X very pleasant between the hairpin bends. The car has a rather stiff trim but spoiled by the Sports mode, while there is a different response of the springs/shock absorbers by selecting the Comfort and Eco-Pro modes, always considering the presence of 20 “rims (as standard the MSport proposes the 19”). Efficient, and not only beautiful to look at and touch, the steering, very direct and responsive.

As for consumption, the House declares 4.9 l / 100 km in the mixed, we, as usual as the foot is not so light, we have settled around a positive however 6.5-7 l / 100 km, result spoiled from the short distance from the motorway (where it must be said that the aerodynamic crusher are very limited), but from the wide preference of tortuous and hilly routes where we have brought out the best from this X2 MSport. I admit it, being an MSport, even disabling the controls does not remain disappointed, indeed.

The car offers a setting once again sincere , with the four-wheel drive able to share the right torque in every single moment, as the frame never accuses signs of wanting to betray you and the possible controlled heel, always if the system decides to send more torque to the rear wheels, it becomes controllable without any difficulty.

On the car under test were then present both the rear parking sensors, and front, and the rear camera (optional) but can give a valuable help especially in the city, given the small size of the rear window. In the city, given the more compact dimensions compared to the X1 and other BMW SUVs, it is a breeze to juggle the traffic lights even if there is no feeling of high seating from the ground that a customer, fascinated by the X, could expect climbing to the edge of the latter. Nothing to criticize the aerodynamic rustles and the noise of the Diesel: it is felt only by acting vigorously on the gas pedal.

2020 BMW X2 20d Prices and competitors

The BMW X2 starts at a price of 34,000 euros for the entry-level version, the sDrive 18i, petrol, 140 bhp. the 2020 BMW X2 20d Diesel range starts at € 34,250 for the 116 hp sDrive 16d, while for the version tested by us, practically at the top of the range, the 2020 BMW X2 20d with a good part of optional, requires an outlay of € 51,100, optional excluded: a price objectively high and in some ways superior to the competition of the same segment, especially that which shares the Germanic DNA with her. For comparison purposes only, an Audi Q2 of equal set-up and engine 2.0 TDI 190 HP Quattro S Line edition costs, starting, about 8,000 euros less.

It is true that the car under test requires very little to add, even if the voice of the long list of options, a feature to which BMW is once again linked, is evident. Among the competitors, possibly premium, to be reported, here is the aforementioned Audi Q2, also the urban character, the Volvo XC40, the new Range Rover Evoque and the Mercedes GLA. Compared to all these, the MBM X2 MSport costs more but, we repeat it once again, more than that you can not have.

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