2019 MERCEDES-AMG A-CLASS A45 & A50 Price

2019 MERCEDES-AMG A-CLASS A45 & A50 Price

2019 MERCEDES-AMG A-CLASS A45/A50 – Redesign, Specs – After the new Mercedes A-Class W177┬áis presented, the Stuttgart now also have the hot AMG version in the trial. A first Spy Photos could be killed by the photographer, the model name is still a mystery.

Thus, Mercedes has recently been the letter-number combination in the compact class “A40” protect, but also in the larger series, for example, “GLC 50” or GLS 50 “. In addition, there are the “53er” designations, which corresponds to the example of the CLS with the 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder. This unit is not compatible with the compact class as a longitudinal engine.

The 2019 MERCEDES-AMG A-CLASS A45/A50 aka A50 comes on the market in 2019 and receives a much sharper front end with Panamericana grill and larger air intakes and a modified roof spoiler and a rear skirt diffuser with modified exhaust covers. The drive side, the two-liter turbo gasoline engine will have over 400 hp and coupled to a 4-Matic all-wheel drive. Via E-Boost could also be a few more horsepowers in it. Of course, the AMG A-Class includes a tighter, deeper and variable suspension with race mode, wider track, larger alloy wheels, and various AMG badges. These can also be found inside. There, the driver looks at the well-known cockpit with a widescreen and reaches into a sports steering wheel with paddles. He and his pillion take a seat on contoured sports seats, which are made of leather.

Mercedes A35 with 300Hp

To narrow the gap between the 2019 Mercedes-AMG A45 and A50 to the civilian models of the series, AMG will also offer the A-Class as A35. This comes without panamericana grill and looks a little less martial. Under the hood, the same engine is then in use, but its performance is throttled to around 310 hp.

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